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Ruins of Bubastis

Illustrated Banners for the Museum of the University of Zagazig

Members of the M.i.N. team have designed five banners for the entrance hall of the Museum of the University of Zagazig. These were printed in Berlin, and then shipped to Egypt in 2009 with financial support from the Studiosus Foundation e.V.

These bilingual banners - in Arabic and in English – are useful for both local and international visitors. They give information about the Egyptian and German excavations at Bubastis (necropolis and temple area) as well as the early Dynastic grave site at Kufur Nigm (Zagazig University excavation headed by Dr Bakr).

Two of them describe the remarkable 1992 hoard find of Bubastis, which yielded a range of amulets of gold and semi-precious stones. Enlarged images of these small but exceptional objects, together with explanatory texts, are highlighted on these banners, so prompting visitors to view these finds, which are on display in the museum and which might otherwise be missed.

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