Stela of the Libyan Period

Supporting M.i.N.'s Work

M.i.N. is financed exclusively through private donations. To date, these have supported the publication of two volumes, with a third one being planned.

Volume 1: deals with objects from ancient Bubastis (Tell Basta) and from Kufur Nigm, a pre- and early Dynastic grave site; all objects are temporarily exhibited at the Museum of the University of Zagazig;

Volume 2: focuses on objects from the Sharkeya National Museum, Herriat Raznah (now closed).

A forthcoming third volume will include Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities from the Museum of Ismailia.

In addition to these publications, donations have enabled some restoration work to be undertaken, such as the provision of a new base for a rare statue fragment of the 18th Dynasty, as well as the production of a series of banners for the Zagazig University Museum.

Your donation will help to support this valuable work being done by M.i.N., a research unit based at Humboldt University, Berlin, Institute of Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Cultural History of north-east Africa (AKNOA).

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by following the two steps below.

Step 1

Send your donation electronically to the following bank account:

Recipient: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Bank: Berliner Bank - Niederlassung der Deutsche Bank PGK AG


IBAN: DE95 1007 0848 0512 620601

NB: It is essential that you include the following code so that your donation can be credited to the correct account, ie, Museums in the Nile Delta Project.

Destination (Verwendungszweck): 5511 1201 02

Step 2

Please send an email to editor (at) telling us of your donation. You will need to include your name, postal address, and the amount you are donating. This will enable us to send you written confirmation of your valued donation.

We thank all previous supporters of our work and we are looking forward to find new ones.

Dr. Helmut Brandl, Berlin